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The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad services the New Orleans area, but our knowledge of markets extends beyond the borders of the city. NOPB’s commercial knowledge and services are well-suited for an importer or exporter.

Our commercial contacts at the other rail companies, and understanding of domestic markets, allows the NOPB and its transload partners to offer high quality products to domestic shippers.

New Orleans is advantageous not only because of its connectivity with six major rail lines, but also because of its strategic location on the Mississippi River, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let us make your life easier

The Business Development Department will help you explore the potential for rail transport to and from New Orleans. The NOPB’s connection with six (6) Class 1 railroads is a tremendous asset, affording customers a direct connection to 132,000 miles of track serving all of North America. However, interfacing with ocean carriers, stevedores and the Class 1s can be a daunting task.

Our Strategy

  • Be a ‘one-stop shop’ for rail services at New Orleans and throughout 132,000 miles of connecting track
  • Provide a single point of contact for rail and logistics services
  • Utilize our contacts in the railroad industry to provide efficient, customer-friendly, and cost-effective transport solutions

Our Services

  • Railcar equipment
  • Cargo loading patterns / access to load inspectors
  • Railcar tracking
  • Suitable warehousing and distribution facilities
  • Contacts for services including transloading, logistics, terminal operations, freight forwarding / customs brokerage, trucking, barge, and ocean carriers

Please let us know how we can help you with rail in New Orleans.

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Jared Sleeth
Director of Business Development