What can I ship?

Carload Commodities We Ship:

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad handles a variety of commodities for both international and domestic customers. Typical import cargos include natural rubber, plywood, steel products (coils, plate, beams, pipe), non-ferrous metals, ores / minerals, frack sand, and dimensional equipment. For the export market we move paper, lumber, resins, grain, animal feeds, chemicals and project cargo. For our domestic customers, we haul cement, paper, wallboard, steel, aggregates, canned goods, and liquids such as latex, asphalt and other chemicals.

Please contact our business development department to inquire about moving your products through New Orleans.

Jared Sleeth
Director of Business Development



The NOPB is playing a major role in the development and growth of container traffic at the Port of New Orleans, with daily on-dock intermodal service. This service is currently provided in conjunction with the Canadian National Railway(CN), and connects New Orleans with every intermodal facility on the CN’s 19,000 mile network. The CN offers transit times of 12 hours to Memphis, and 29 hours to Chicago – the fastest service from any deep-water port in North America.

Why On-Dock Rail?

  • Saves money; cheaper than truck dray from port to local ramps
  • Truck issues: driver shortages, volatile fuel prices, cannot move high volumes
  • More terminal throughput
  • Able to handle containers exceeding US highway weight limits

On-Dock Rail Growth Potential

  • New Orleans on-dock rail and container facilities are congestion-free
  • Merge off-dock rail ramps into on-dock facility, expanding “port to market” services to other destinations including Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago and Canada –via six (6) Class 1 railroads – UP, BNSF, KCS, CN, CSX and NS

A new intermodal facility will be completed in Q1 2016 in the Port of New Orleans, which will be available to all Class 1 railroads. The design will be modern and efficient, and provide greater throughput to expedite containers for port customers.